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The Kin

Always melody and chords first. Lyrics fall into place from the phrasing.

The Kin are part band, part performance artists. Consisting of Isaac and Thorald Koren, along with drummer Shakerleg, who the brothers discovered on the NYC subway, The Kin are exploring uncharted areas of live musical experience. Armed with their energetic alt-pop sound, the band busts spontaneously into spaces from schoolrooms to delis and plays a live set. The band calls these events “musical robberies.” CONVICTS recently had an e-chat with the trio and got their word on Woodstock, the modern music scene, and curiosity in general.

Convicts : Can you talk about the difficulties in the modern music landscape?
The Kin : There's never been so many opportunities for music to be heard and yet it seems as though there has never been so much music to choose from. There has never been a better time to be an independent artist.
Convicts : What drives you to make music everyday?
The Kin : The overflow from being curious.
Convicts : What’s the first thing you do to create a song? Sound or lyrics etc?
The Kin : Always melody and chords first. Lyrics fall into place from the phrasing.
Convicts : Describe the importance of band dynamic? Is it more than having great musicians?
The Kin : Bands are like families. Everyone needs to respect and accept everyone else's conditions for being satisfied or else it won't work. Balancing the egos is the name of the game.
Convicts : Are you ever satisfied as a band? What makes you feel you are accomplishing something?
The Kin : You have to create benchmarks just like any business. There have to be reachable goals, otherwise you can be chasing a rainbow. For us, it was touring to large audiences and now releasing our best record to date independent of a record label. That feels good.
Convicts : What themes are you drawn to in lyricism?
The Kin : Human struggle and redemption.
Convicts : The greatest moment in music history?
The Kin : Woodstock
Convicts : Talk us through your track "Anchor". How do you determine a single?
The Kin : “Anchor” is about finding your center in a sea of indifference and chaos. We chose it as a focus for its dirty beat and strong vocal.
Convicts : How has technology played a role in your band? Both sound and distribution? Good or bad?
The Kin : Technology has played much less of a role for us than for most other bands. We play all the sounds and the drums are beaten by hand. We don't use auto tune, nor do we use many synths. The most important role for technology is in the digital distribution. It is the portal to our listeners.
Convicts : How do you like to listen to music? Are you records? Headphones? Loud? Live? Why?
The Kin : I like headphones because you are inside the sound. I like using Sub Pac technology because you can really feel it.
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