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Georgia Fowler

I love math and they're both black and black and white. There are answers in front of you, and you always know when you’ve gotten something right.

Georgia Fowler may define the word ‘drive.’ The kiwi model grew up all over the world, but moved to New York at sixteen to kickstart her modeling career. Georgia has impressive sense of self-discipline, but she doesn’t let that get in the way of the occasional good time. We recently caught up with her to talk about work ethic, loneliness in the city, and why we love the water.

Convicts : Hey Georgia. You’ve got a bit of an international background-can you tell us where you’re from?
Georgia : I was born in England; I grew up in New Zealand and I’m half-Australian. It’s a good mix.
Convicts : Which half is Australian? The good half, or the bad half?
Georgia : The winning half. Depends on the game. Dad’s from Sydney-he plays golf for Australia.
Convicts : Tell us about growing up. Were you always in New Zealand or did you do a bit of moving?
Georgia : I was born in England and lived there until I was five. Growing up, Dad was on the European Tour, so we travelled non-stop. We were in a different country every week. We moved to Auckland when my sister and I started school.
Convicts : Were you a pretty good kid or did you have a rebellious streak?
Georgia : I was a good kid. My sister was very smart, so I always had to live up her standards and expectations. I was kind of a geek at school, but I was a tomboy in primary. My family used to call me Smelly Cat or Baby Grunge. I was always kind of dirty and very messy. All of my friends were boys. I loved sports. I wasn’t a kid for too long, though, because I started traveling when I was 16.
Convicts : You moved to New York when you were sixteen. I imagine that’d be a brutal transition. Can you tell us how that went?
Georgia : Mum traveled with me initially the first few years, but I just felt a whole lot older than I was-I thought I was ready for it. It’s a big place, New York. It forces you to grow up and learn how deal with these situations by yourself. I think the traveling I did as a child really helped me, because it wasn’t all so daunting.
Convicts : Daunting how?
Georgia : It was all a little bit scary. Going out and pushing myself to make friends. So I stayed in and did my university work, and worked, and exercised. I was a loser.
Convicts : New York can be super overwhelming.
Georgia : There are people everywhere all the time, but it can also be very lonely. because you can be by yourself watching everyone else doing things together. It can be very lonely. I’ve definitely had times where I had to stay really focused because it was all seeming a bit much to deal with.
Convicts : Sorry to sound like a football coach, but do you think the experience built character?
Georgia : The other day we were going around in a circle giving compliments, and one of my friends said to me “you’re really brave.” I think that’s all of us Aussie Kiwi kids that moved to New York City. We’re bloody brave doing this; moving here and sticking it out, and not just running back when it gets tough. Because it does get tough, and we made it.
Convicts : Agreed. Changing gears-can you tell us about your approach to modeling?
Georgia : When I’m working, I am quite professional. In front of the lens I try and become a bit of an actor. You look at what you’re wearing and how your hair and makeup is, the vibe of the whole story. And then you try and become that story.
Convicts : Respect. What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?
Georgia : I’m studying psychology at university by correspondence, but I don’t know if I’d actually be a psychologist. I’d actually probably be an engineer. I love math and science.
Convicts : Why math and science? Those aren’t the easiest subjects.
Georgia : I love how they’re both black and black and white. There are answers in front of you, and you always know when you’ve gotten something right.
Convicts : So you’re modeling full time and studying psychology-do you squeeze anytime in for fun?
Georgia : I do like to have a bit of a dance- maybe because I didn’t do that when I was growing up. I was so focused on being a big model that I didn’t really go out or drink throughout high school. Now I’m just enjoying my youth, but it’s all about balance. I would never turn up to a job hung over. You need to know when to call it quits.
Convicts : Any parting wisdom for us, Georgia?
Georgia : I tell all the tourists that come to New York: ‘walk all the blocks. You can find something new.’ Don’t just go from Central Park to Times Square to downtown on the subway, because all the interesting stuff is the nitty gritty in between. Enjoy the journey.
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