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Britt Maren

Escape is getting out of your everyday routine and breaking from what you have to do and doing more what you want to do.

Britt Maren's beauty is anything but skin deep. Below, Britt reflects on the challenges of city life, and the importance-and difficulty-of getting out of one's comfort zone.

Convicts : Have you spent much time in New York?
Britt : I started modeling in high school in Texas and I would come up to New York for my summer vacations. Then after school I started doing more full-time so I moved up but was living more out of a suitcase.
Convicts : What does escape mean to you?
Britt : Escape is getting out of your everyday routine and breaking from what you have to do and doing more what you want to do.
Convicts : Why break out of a routine, though? Do you find it refreshing?
Britt : Being able to reset your mind and your body sometimes, to take a step back and get away, especially being in New York city. It's just so grinding and it can really get to you. Just being able to take a step back and reset. Reset your whole person.
Convicts : You've got to leave sometimes.
Britt : I think it makes a big difference. It's easy to get stuck in one way and never leave when you're comfortable and doing your thing.
Convicts : Getting out of your comfort zone is, by definition, not comfortable.
Britt : Exactly, and I'm the first one to balk at that. I'm very hesitant to go out of my comfort zone. Derek [husband] will tell you that, anyone will tell you that. I think sometimes if you have people, like my husband -- he's the most spontaneous, will do anything kind of guy, so I think it's nice to have him because he keeps me from being too much in my shell. He'll push me to do things, which is good.
Convicts : Do you record your own life, or do you let the photographers do it for you?
Britt : Oh yes. I take a lot of photos. Although I have been trying to be more in the moment. Because with any sort of technology, it can be distracting, so I would like to be more present.
Convicts : Presence of mind is always good. The word rebellion is important to us-do you consider yourself a rebellious person?
Britt : I need to be more rebellious, I think. I do things according to the book.
Convicts : That word convict...what does that mean to you?
Britt : Since the root is more about conviction and not necessarily a negative connotation, a convict to me would be someone who is very determined and has a lot of drive to do the things they're passionate about it.

Photographer: James Houston
Makeup: April Greaves
Style Notes: One Teaspoon pants. Ksubi jacket and Valentine NYC lingerie.

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