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Avalon GROMS

I want to be a pro surfer.

Groms are small, living nodes of stoke. They are surfing at its purest. We were on the beach in Avalon recently, and caught up with a crew of bite-sized shredders with big dreams: Blaze, Hunter, Dane, and Luke.

Convicts : Let’s start with the basics. How old are you guys?
Hunter Roberts : Thirteen.
Blaze Roberts : Fifteen tomorrow.
Luke Dujic : Twelve.
Convicts : Well happy birthday, Blaze. How long have you guys been surfing?
Dane Dujic : I been surfing since I was four.
Hunter Roberts : I’ve been surfing since I was four but only proper surfing for like two or three years.
Blaze Roberts : I been surfing since I was four.
Luke Dujic : I been surfing since I was four.
Convicts : I feel like I know the answer to this, but what’s your favorite thing to do.
Dane Dujic : Surf.
Hunter Roberts : Surf and skate, yeah.
Blaze Roberts : Eat, sleep, surf.
Luke Dujic : Explore.
Convicts : What are you going to be when you grow up?
Luke Dujic : A pro surfer.
Blaze Roberts : Something in the surfing world.
Hunter Roberts : I want to be a pro surfer.
Dane Dujic : Pro surfer.
Convicts : Thought that might be the case. What’s the best thing about surfing?
Dane Dujic : It feels really good.
Hunter Roberts : It’s nothing like anything else.
Blaze Roberts : It’s exciting.
Luke Dujic : Especially when you get a barrel, it’s really good.
Blaze Roberts : It’s exciting cause you don’t know cause every wave’s different you don’t know what sections are coming up every waves different.
Convicts : Tell us about North Avalon?
Blaze Roberts : I like North Av because everyone knows each other and it’s really social especially at the beach. Everyone spends all their time at the beach.
Luke Dujic : I like North Av because there are many activities to do.
Dane Dujic : I like North Av because it’s got pumping waves sometimes.
Hunter Roberts : I just like everything about North Av it’s got the beach, it’s got the skatepark.
Convicts : Do you have a big crew of groms here?
Blaze Roberts : There’s a massive group of groms.
Dane Dujic : Many many many many.
Blaze Roberts : But sometimes it’s annoying when all the groms are out because there’s so many people.
Dane Dujic : And you can’t catch a wave.
Hunter Roberts : And we all just snake each other.
Blaze Roberts : And everyone steals waves off each other.
Hunter Roberts : When it’s groms dropping in it’s a party wave. When someone’s on the inside you just scream ‘party wave’ and drop in on them and they’re like ‘Oh, ok.’
Convicts : What’s the difference between Avalon groms and Newport groms?
Dane Dujic : Av is better.
Hunter Roberts : Av cats.
Blaze Roberts : Newport has no waves.
Luke Dujic : Newport’s very ordinary.
Convicts : Well that says it all right there. Shred on, little ones.
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